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Mood Theme!! 
03:24pm 07/07/2006
mood: pleased
I have made a mood theme of our lovely lady's artwork.

You can read all about it here: http://sunlitdays.livejournal.com/17693.html

I hope you enjoy it; I had a great deal of fun making it. Many thanks to T for making it possible with all her lovely pieces of art and all around generous spirit. You rule, T. *hugs*
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Ford Anglia Icons 
04:46am 15/06/2006
  I'm a little too bored for my own good, and in desperate need of slash icons. So, I've decided to harvest reallycorking's last piece to meed these icon needs. They aren't very good, as I confess I have no graphics program on my computer, but I thought I should at least share them :)

omg car-sex slashCollapse )
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Don't Apologise 
04:26am 14/06/2006
  Title: Don't Apologise
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Er. Slash? [You don't say, in a Harry/Ron?]
Summary: It's a hot day and there's nothing to do -- except study, of course -- so Ron and Harry tread into the Forbidden Forest on a mission to find an old friend.
A/N: Blame reallycorking and this artpiece. She's a bad influence. Her art is just so... um... *inspiring*. *giggle*. [Also blame MJ, who refused to discourage me.]

Resting his eyes on Harry's considerable...Collapse )
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New graphics!! 
10:37am 10/06/2006
mood: calm
I meant to post a Ginny wallpaper last week, when I did the icons from bennmorland's lovely giftie that reallycorking drew, but I forgot. ;) So, this week you get that plus the new stuffs. lol

Seven icons and two wallpapers because reallycorking is love. :D

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New items! 
11:27am 08/05/2006
mood: working
New icons featuring her latest arts (which are some of her best to date, if you ask me), also included one header, two wallpapers, and three colour bars.

Use and enjoy, but please credit the talented reallycorking for her incredible fan art.

Mum! Really corking to see you!Collapse )
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The Storm - Harry/Luna (revised) 
05:00am 15/04/2006
mood: dreaming
Written as a gift drabbles for deanine and mm_masked_one. They requested that their two drabbles be combined for a one-shot. I sat with the request for two days before I could think of anything. Luna is not my thing. She's such a complicated character, and I was scared to take her on after seeing so many authors fail miserably with her.

I hope I don't disappoint, and I hope that I do justice to reallycorking's art which finally "sparked the idea."

Title: The Storm
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Luna
Warning: Slight Fluff, Sexual Situation
Timeline: Sometime after Christmas in HBP, possibly
Length: 895 words

“Luna,” he breathed. “What are we doing?”Collapse )
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RC bonaza! 
12:26am 29/03/2006
mood: hot
Or something like that. ;) Thought I'd cross post here. Wallpaper of her latest beauty, from my story, is Here

And icons of our lovely lady's work, in case you missed it, located here: http://sunlitdays.livejournal.com/13642.html
Her group is the second one in. ;)
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06:10pm 20/03/2006
mood: bouncy
Okay, I am very bad at creating icons. But I try. 3 icons.

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We all know he was a GENIUS. 
06:15pm 19/03/2006
  It is one of the facets of reallycorking's personality that she is modest and humble. This we love about her. What can be irritating, however, is her stubborn insistence to deprecate herself and proclaim her work "not real art" because it is a visualization of "someone else's" ideas and characters.

To this position which she has far too oft taken, I submit the words of a genius:

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
Albert Einstein

And a corollary from me:

“True fans of Really Corking are characterized by an irresistible urge to mount her work on the wall and ride it over the rainbow and beyond eternity.”
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FICLET: Worth It | James/pregnant!Lily | Hard R 
03:37pm 14/03/2006
mood: curious
Hiya! I just discovered this comm, and I happen to have written a fic based on a piece of Ms. Corking's art a couple of months ago, so I decided to post it here:

Title: Worth It
Rating: Hard R
Pairing/Characters: James/Lily

Summary: Pregnancy can be a real pain, and so can James - but they're both worth it in their own ways.
Length: 877 words

Notes: Based on this gorgeous art by reallycorking. This is my first explicit het, ever, not to mention my first time writing anything about either James or Lily, so here goes nothing. Also, I've never been pregnant, so I don't really know what it's like - did my best, and hope I haven't offended anyone. This is unbeta'd PWP ... really just a ficlet for the art.

Warnings: Het. Nekkidness. Pregnant!sex. Sore nipples.

DISCLAIMER: James and Lily Potter, and their child on the way, are all the brainchildren of JKRowling. I'm only borrowing them for my own nefarious purposes.

Worth ItCollapse )
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Corked Fic: "Lost Time" 
02:54am 12/03/2006
  Author: bennmorland
Title: Lost Time
Rating: G
Genre: "fluff & sparklies!" and some angst, because let’s face it, it’s a bittersweet premise
Word Count: 803
Beta: Unbeta'd.
Notes: Inspired by a "drawbble"[/incredulity] by reallycorking, found here. The "drawbble"[/again with the incredulity] was the fulfillment of a request by penny_sieve: "Harry and Ginny at Bill and Fleur's wedding and they finally give in to temptation and dance with each other." So, in other words, I'm sitting here at the third degree of originality...

( Impossible to silence it )

Note: Comments disabled in a blatant attempt to get people over to me writing comm...
08:22pm 10/03/2006
  Bottom line....this is for declaring love of reallycorking's fanart.

Make icons.

Make wallpapers.

Heck...make ecards!

Write fics/drabbles/one-shots inspired by the stuff she draws.

Make her blush with all the fan-ism. :)

Then report right back here with the fruits of your labors.
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