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New items!

New icons featuring her latest arts (which are some of her best to date, if you ask me), also included one header, two wallpapers, and three colour bars.

Use and enjoy, but please credit the talented reallycorking for her incredible fan art.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

Colour bar #1:

Colour bar #2:

Colour bar #3:


Wallpaper #1: H/G

Wallpaper #2: Harry

(If you click on the image, it will take you to a larger sized file.)

Credit for the colour bars would be nice, but not neccessary for me (sunlitdays) just be sure to credit reallycorking-that's mandatory. If you use the header, PLEASE! link back to reallycorking either on your layout (lj makes it really easy to add links) or in your user info.

Not hot linking, changing, etc etc. Feel free to comment though, as those are always nice.
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I grabbed the H/G wallpaper. Nice work.
Thank you. Enjoy.
Lovely! I especially like the Harry header/wallpaper. Great job!
Thank you. :)
took the header and oone wallpper! will credit! lovely!!!! Shes a really good artist!
Thank you; enjoy. :)
cute)) Ginny is beautiful!
Thank you.
Wow, those are amazing! I love the wallpapers! Brilliant job :D
Thank you. Her art is so beautiful, it just lends itself to wallpapers. ;)

C, I didn't even know you were AROUND these days! I miss you tons, hon. All that being said...

These are SO beautiful! OMG. The wallpapers are both absolutely gorgeous and the header. ACK. *squeaks* You make my art look so much better than it actually is. *hugs tightly* Thank you so much, love! I will steal a bunch when I get home from work. ♥♥
Aw, well, I am glad you like them. (and shush about making it 'look better'. bah to that, I say, how can one improve what is already great?!) *hugs* Although personally speaking, I was really proud of that header. *lol*

I'm not really 'around' but I couldn't resist when I saw your beautiful work via deviant. I hadn't cracked open PSP in ages but inspired these.
These are really pretty. Snagging some icons. Thanks:)
These are beautiful. Snagged #s 7 & 8 and I'll credit all ;D
♥ 12, among others! Taking with credit!!
Enjoy :)
Taking the HG wall, thanks gal. And lovely graphics enhanced by you =) Missed you around LJ. Hope you've been well. Take care!
In #4, is that Fred and George with Hermione? It's kind of funny, lol!

These are great, by the way. Will be snagging some!
Great artwork! Snagged 7,8,9,and 10, and will credit when used. Thanks so much!
i love wallpaper #1 and the colourbars are great! snagging a few things, will credit when used. thanks :)
Awesome! :D Tooks some things! thank you!
Enjoy :)
taking 7 and 12 :D will credit
Glad you liked. :)
Grabbed 7, colour bar #3 and the header. Will credit when used.
Enjoy :)